What is Phpmode

It's a mode for editing php files in jed.

The reason for me writing this, is that the only mode i
could find for editing php files under jed was one
i found on dotfiles made by Eric Thelin.
But it didn't work as i wanted, so i grabbed what i
could from it, and started from cmode as a template.

At the moment it does keyword highlighting and proper
indenting, plus a slew of other functionality.

Thanks go out to
o Eric thelin <eric at> for his phpmode that got me started.
o David <dstegbauer at> who pointed out that i php isn't in fact a
   case sensitive language when it comes to
   functions ;)
o Abraham vd Merwe <abz at> for his relentless bug-reporting,
   feature suggestions and beta-tester.
   Without him my to-do list would be
   considerable shorter ;)
o in jed, without that this mode wouldn't be
   nearly as feature rich as it is now.

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